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Signature Cocktails

Bill The Butcher

Absolut Elyx, Vodka, Hibiscus, Lemon

Boss Tweed

Our signature shaken espresso martini featuring Jameson Stout finished Irish Whiskey, fresh espresso, a little simple syrup, topped with nutmeg, A Boss move!

The Monk

Earthy and complex with chai, cinnamon agave, Old Forester Bourbon, walnut bitters, and Amaro, topped with a cinnamon stick.


Gunpowder Irish Gin, fennel, Orange, Tonic

Happy Jack

Amotillado Sherry, Maurin Quina, Sour Cherry Cordial, Lemon, Topped with Sparkling Rose

Walters Sour

Tangy, citrus forward, with a hint of spice. Tromba Tequila, tamarind, lime, cinnamon, agave, chili salt rim

Five Points

Complex, bitter and balanced. This stirred sipper is made with Rittenhouse Rye Aperol and Amaro, with a flamed orange zest served up or on the rocks.

Golden Classics With A Modern Twist

Negroni Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails


Iconic recipe from Florence, Italy with equal parts of Tanqueray Gin, Campari and our house blend sweet vermouth served on the rocks with an orange twist.
Negroni Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails


Highland Park 12, Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur, Lemon, Ardbeg
Negroni Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails

Monk’s Ginger Mule

Housemade ginger syrup, lime juice and soda with your choice of; Ketel One, Old Forester Bourbon, Sacred Bond Brandy, Tromba Tequila or Beefeater Gin
Juanita Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktail


A zippy Fire & Ice style house infused jalapeño blanco tequila, mint and fresh lime juice with a half himalayan salt rim. Featured in Marie Claire magazine.
Sazerac Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails


America’s iconic cocktail features your choice of Rittenhouse Rye or Hennessy Cognac, Peychaud’s Bitters and Absinthe, stirred and served with lemon oils.
El Diablo Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails

El Diablo

Tromba Tequila Blanco with LeJay Creme de Cassis, house made ginger syrup, lime and seltzer. A Trader Vic original.
Daiquiri Monk McGinn's Cocktails


Shaken, classic dry style with Flor de Cana 7yr Old Rum, lime juice and simple syrup served with no garnish.
50/50 Martini Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails

50/50 Martini

Equal parts of house blend white vermouth and Plymouth Gin stirred and served up with an olive and lemon twist. A kinder and gentler then its cousin, the dry gin martini.
Cosmopolitan Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails


Vodka, Combier D’Orange liqueur, lime, cranberry
Cucumber Basil Collins Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails

Cucumber Basil Collins

Refreshing Highball with Hendricks Gin, sour mix, cucumber and soda
Cucumber Basil Collins Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails

Monk’s Hot Toddy

Clontarf Irish Whiskey with spicy honey, ginger and lemon. Warms you up from the inside out!

Day Drinking Cocktails & Aperitifs

French 75 Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails

French 75

The original featuring Hennessy Cognac, lemon juice and Chandon Sparkling Wine (substitute Hendrix Gin)
Aperol Spritz Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails

Aperol Spritz

The classic Venetian recipe featuring prosecco, Aperol and seltzer
Sweet Vermouth Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails

House Blend Sweet Vermouth

Classic style, served with a twist of lemon
Americano Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails


Campari and house blend sweet vermouth topped with soda and garnished with a lemon twist
White Wine Spritzer Monk McGinn's NYC Cocktails

Wine By The Glass


Cesar a sumeire


D’Orsaria Pinot Grigio (IT)


Folk Tree Chardonnay (CA)


Rain Sauvignon Blanc (NZ)

New Zealand


Barrique Pinot Noir


Chateau de Bonhoste Bordeaux (FR)


Folk Tree Cabernet